Welcome to   I want to show you my favorite models doing what the magazines could not show.

  • Hunks: 
    Models featured that are handsome, masculine with great bodies and man-sized dicks that are not afraid to show it all. 1 featured model per month plus archives.

  • Thugs:
    Models featured that  have tattoo's, piercings,  shaved heads and huge uncut dicks.  The kind of guy you fantasize about but are too afraid to approach on the street. 1 featured model per month plus archives. 
  • Twinks:
    Young guys featured with boyish, hairless bodies with smooth skin and bubble butts.  The kind you dream about but to young to approach on the street. 1 featured model per month plus archives.
  • Coming Soon:
    Polariods and movies from my casting, original, real...and later, amateur pixxx...


... lots of naked pictures -- most never before seen -- of horny twinks, thugs, and hunks.

I'm trying to capture real guys -- not plastic models. Each guy brings his own, sometimes large, hot, real sex appeal for you...

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Are you a thug, hunk, twink or just a really hot guy who wants to be photographed?

If so, email us and maybe you'll be a future chuckpixxx model!